What Does Oral Surgery Consist Of?

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Most of the time, when an oral surgeon in Plantation suggests dental surgery, it triggers the patient's fear and anxiety. It is thought to be a painful and costly treatment, but dental surgery is typically not as difficult as you’d think. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines oral surgery as "the incision, excision, or reflection of tissue that exposes the ordinarily sterile parts of the oral cavity." Examples of which are surgical tooth extractions, implant surgery, apical surgery, periodontal surgery, and biopsy.

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Common Types of Oral Surgery

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The extraction of wisdom teeth is an outpatient surgery that only takes a couple of weeks for the affected area to heal and get better. The wisdom teeth are extracted by surgical incisions, and the extraction site is stitched closed to promote healing and prevent infection. To reduce unnecessary bleeding or blood clots, it's essential to follow your doctor's instructions during the healing procedure.

Dental Implants

Over the last 26 years, dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry. It is a replacement solution for tooth roots. Dental implants use titanium or titanium alloy to attach the crowns to the jaw. These chemical elements are preferred because of their light and biocompatible features, meaning the human body won't reject it. Dental implants are applied to replace teeth that have been lost due to certain dental diseases, oral cancer, or a variety of other lifestyle factors such as alcohol abuse or smoking.

Root Canals

A soft core known as dental pulp lies beneath the enamel of your tooth. It contains tissues, nerve endings, and blood vessels. Bacteria can penetrate your teeth when it is decaying and can affect the pulp. If you experience jaw or neck pain, mouth swelling, or severe dental pain at the bottom of your tooth, your dental pulp is probably compromised. Oral surgeons can address this dental problem by extracting the infected pulp and removing the decaying section of the tooth.

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In Pursuit of an Oral Surgeon in Plantation?

Oral surgery is often an important part of maintaining a healthy smile. See our dental professionals at Oral Facial Reconstruction to learn more!