What Exactly Goes into the Teeth in a Day Procedure?

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The Teeth in a Day Plantation system lets you perform an immediate placement of implants and the replacement teeth on the same day. It tends to utilize advanced technologies capable of making implants that fit precisely into place, which aids in reducing the recovery period.

who offers the best teeth in a day plantation?

What You Need to Know About the State-Of-The-Art Procedure

Who Are Good Candidates?

Individuals who have gum disease, osteoporosis, autoimmune disease, or diabetes are not good candidates for Teeth in a day. Additionally, studies show that smoking cigars or other tobacco products can affect the success rate of this procedure. Hence, it is recommended that you quit smoking months before your procedure starts.

What Good Can It Do?

Traditionally, the healing period of every procedure will at least take 1 month from surgery or treatment. Instead of waiting 5 to 7 months before your dental problem can be addressed, Teeth in a day allows you to get your new teeth within 24 hours from the start of the procedure. With the advanced procedures, a fast healing period with minimal pain and discomfort, as well as, complete use of new teeth are immediately made possible. It allows instant bonding between gum tissue, jawbone, and dental implants. Just like the traditional treatment or surgery, you will have to avoid tough and chewy foods during the first 1 or 2 months.

who offers the best teeth in a day plantation?

State-Of-The-Art Procedures Used by Teeth in a Day Plantation System

After your dentist gathers the specific details of your teeth’s history and facial structure support, a digital x-ray and the use of a 3D CT scan machine are needed. A digital x-ray allows your dentist to take an image of your teeth with precision and accuracy while the CT scan machine allows your dentist to collect essential diagnostic information for a wide range of applications. With Teeth in a Day Plantation, you can enjoy a new set of beautiful teeth instantly! Call us for inquiries or know more about our services!