What Happens After the TMJ Is Replaced?

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Displacement of the disc in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can result in a variety of oral and facial symptoms. Open-joint surgery for TMJ in Coral Springs may be the best option when a patient has persistent pain and noticeable jaw dysfunction that does not respond to non-surgical interventions.

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What Should You Expect After TMJ Open Surgery?

How Long Does It Take to Recover from TMJ Replacement Surgery?

After open surgery, pain relievers and anti-swelling medications are prescribed. To retain movement and avoid scar tissue formation, you may be given a mouthpiece and can begin physical therapy within 48 hours. TMJ replacement surgery patients can usually resume everyday activities after four to six weeks; however, full recovery is not guaranteed during this time. The side effects, such as swelling and tingling, may take several months to go away.

What Diet Should I Follow After TMJ Replacement?

You may be required to follow a soft to virtually all-liquid diet following TMJ surgery. Most patients will be needed to follow a liquid diet for two to four weeks. You can gradually return to your normal diet as you recuperate, however hard and sticky foods should still be avoided.

Quick Takeaway

If nonsurgical therapies, drugs, or lifestyle modifications relieve your TMJ pain, you may not require surgery. Surgery is usually only used as a last resort in the most severe instances, and it does not always result in a cure.    

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Do You Need Surgery for TMJ in Coral Springs, FL?

Each person's experience with TMJ pain is as unique as the person who is experiencing it. That is why, at Oral Facial Reconstruction, we believe in tailoring each patient's treatment strategy to their specific needs. Call us today for a consultation and take the first step toward discovering a treatment plan that is suited for you and your symptoms!