What Happens During a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

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A comprehensive dental exam and an oral cancer screening in Coral Springs is a standard dental checkup that entails a thorough evaluation of the patient's oral health to spot any abnormalities or potential problems as early as possible. This aids in the prevention of the issues by allowing the dentist to address any issues as soon as they arise, saving the patient time, money, and the need for more invasive treatment.

female patient smiling after her oral cancer screening in Coral Springs

What To Expect During a Comprehensive Dental Examination

Dental Examination

An oral examination and dental X-rays are performed to evaluate if any oral health issues need to be addressed. The dentist looks for things like poor enamel, cavities, bruxism symptoms, fractured teeth, deep gum pockets, and gum erosion, among other things.

Dental X-rays

Depending on the patient's age and health situation, dental X-rays are advised to be taken once per year. They are frequently included in a comprehensive dental examination. This is especially true if the patient is seeing a dentist for the first time. Dental X-rays offer information that an oral examination alone cannot, such as jawbone loss and impacted teeth.

Looking for Oral Cancer Signs

During a routine dental examination, dentists look for indicators of oral cancer. They may inspect all parts of the face, neck, cheeks, and so on, in addition to the routine oral examination. They can suggest a comprehensive oral cancer screening if any problems are discovered.

Dental Cleaning

A teeth cleaning is usually done on the same day as a thorough dental checkup. Scaling is a cleaning procedure in which plaque and tartar build-up are meticulously scraped off the teeth' surfaces and along the gum line. After teeth cleaning, teeth polishing is commonly performed to smooth the enamel and remove extra plaque and stains.

dentist showing her patient the dental X-ray result for oral cancer screening in Coral Springs

Are You Considering an Oral Cancer Screening in Coral Springs?

A dental checkup and oral screening are excellent ways to find out if you have any oral health issues that need to be addressed and to avoid the need for more comprehensive treatment in the future. If it's been more than six months since your previous dental exam, make an appointment with Oral Facial Reconstruction right away.