What Happens During an Oral Surgeon Consultation?

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Have you been advised to seek treatment from an oral surgeon in Pembroke Pines by your dentist or doctor? Maybe you're scheduled for a consultation for dental implants, jaw surgery, or tooth extraction soon. You might not be anticipating your initial consultation. And that's okay because many people experience anxiety while contemplating seeing an oral surgeon. Your anxiety can be reduced by being aware of what will happen during your appointment. Let’s take a look.


Health and Medical History

Your oral surgeon will need all details regarding your current and previous oral health problems. A thorough medical history, including information on any drug allergies, prior operations, and current medical issues, will also be requested of you, as well as the entire list of prescription and nonprescription medications you use. Be comprehensive when providing information about your medical and oral health because it will be used to design your treatment, reduce any risks, and prevent surgical problems.

Diagnostic Imaging and Examination

Your oral surgeon will then do an examination that involves visually evaluating your mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw. As X-rays and CT scans produce clear, three-dimensional images that are very helpful, you could also require diagnostic imaging tests. Additionally, if your surgeon requests it, you will need to bite down on a specific tray for a brief period of time to take a dental impression of one or both jaws.

Plan of Care Discussion

Your oral surgeon will choose the course of therapy for you once they have all the diagnostic data. They will sit you down to go through the specifics and discuss your alternatives for sedation and anesthesia at this stage as well. Patients are typically free to select the sedation technique they find most comfortable.


Looking for an Oral Surgeon in Pembroke Pines?

With the help of your oral surgeon, you can guarantee that your surgery and recovery will be as easy as possible. Use this chance to ask your surgeon any questions you may have about the procedure, aftercare, price, and outcomes. Call us at Oral Facial Reconstruction to set up your consultation.