What Happens When I Ignore an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

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Did you know that around 5 million people in the United States get their wisdom teeth removed yearly? When wisdom teeth in Plantation fail to emerge through the gums fully, dentists call them impacted teeth. Tooth impaction often stems from the lack of space in the mouth to accommodate all the teeth. If left untreated, this condition could trigger serious oral health issues.

Patient getting her wisdom teeth examined in Plantation

What an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Could Lead To

Pain and Discomfort

You may experience discomfort when gum tissue partially covers an impacted wisdom tooth. The pain intensifies over time as the impacted tooth puts more pressure on the surrounding teeth and jawbone.

Gum Infection

Bacteria can easily accumulate in the gum tissue surrounding the impacted tooth because this area is often difficult to clean. The bacterial buildup will ultimately lead to an infection called pericoronitis.

Furthermore, symptoms of pericoronitis may range from painful, swollen gum tissue near the affected wisdom tooth to more severe symptoms, such as swelling in that part of the face, jaw spasms, and swollen lymph nodes. When the infection spreads into the throat and neck, it could lead to difficulty breathing and swallowing.


Impacted wisdom teeth can cause cysts or fluid-filled sacs to develop in the jawbone. Since cysts can cause considerable damage to the jawbone, nerves, and surrounding teeth, they may require surgical removal.

Headaches and Jaw Pain

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause headaches and jaw pain when it becomes infected or cause pressure on surrounding nerves. It may also require pain management or surgery when it causes difficulty opening and closing the mouth.

Crowded Teeth

Crowding of the nearby teeth may result from an impacted wisdom tooth when the affected tooth puts pressure on neighboring teeth, causing them to shift out of their correct positions. Leaving tooth impaction unaddressed will eventually lead to bite issues, tenderness in the jaw, and difficulty chewing.

dentist in plantation examining an x-ray showing wisdom teeth

Do You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Plantation?

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