What Is a Trigger Point Massage?

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Has it been a week of jaw clenching and teeth grinding? If yes, you can try a trigger point massage if you're weary of putting anything on your jaw and taking Ibuprofen to reduce pain. TMJ specialists highly advocate this therapy since it can efficiently and naturally relieve pain associated with your TMJ on Plantation. This article will talk about everything you need to know about trigger point massage.

dentist pointing the TMJ of a skull on Plantation

Trigger Point Massage and How It Helps

Contributory Factors in TMD

TMJ problems can be caused by a number of factors. The following are some of the most common causes:

  • Difficulty in closing or opening your mouth
  • Experience ringing in the ears or any form of earache
  • Facial pain
  • Headache
  • Jaw tenderness and pain, often when chewing
  • Jaw injury
  • Arthritis

If your TMD is caused by muscular imbalance or tightness as a result of teeth grinding and jaw clenching, a professional trigger point massage can help.

What Is the Process?

Massages that target muscle knots or hyper-tensed muscles can help relieve jaw pain. According to a TMJ expert, the pain in the masseter muscle is frequently the root cause of all problems. The basic function of this muscle is to clench and chew the jaw. Excessive use might cause irritation and high blood pressure. Manual therapy or trigger point massages can relax the masseter muscle and help you stop clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth. However, you must approach an expert with extensive knowledge of the TMJ musculature, such as a dentist in Plantation.

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More Advice on Managing TMJ in Plantation

To minimize future difficulties, it is highly recommended that you get expert aid if your jaw muscles are unbalanced or too tensed. To have your TMJ condition treated, call Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center today!