What is Apical Surgery?

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Apical surgery is a standard procedure in oral surgery in Coral Springs, FL that involves the removal of an infection from the tip of your tooth’s roots. Although not commonly performed by oral surgeons, it is still required in some cases.

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All You Need to Know About Apical Surgery

Before Surgery Evaluation

Your initial appointment with an oral surgeon involves a basic oral examination. They will ask you about your medical and dental history, as well as other matters that may affect your dental health. You will also be required to take X-ray exams to see what’s going on inside the gums.

The Process

Apical surgery is generally needed when the infection is caused by embedded bacteria that spread on the outside of the root or along with the surroundings of your bone.The process is started by administering local anesthesia to the affected area. Once it is thoroughly numbed, a small incision will be made through the gum tissues. After which, the infected or inflamed tissue surrounding the tip of the root will be removed. The surgeon will then place a special filling to cover and seal the canal.Upon securing the surgical site, a few sutures will be required to guarantee that the gum tissues can heal accordingly.

Aftercare Tips

Swelling of your face and gums may occur, as well as bruising and minor bleeding of the affected area. Pain medications may be recommended by your oral surgeon to relieve any pain and discomfort you may experience after the treatment.During the first week after the surgery, your food intake and exercise will be restricted. Likewise, you are advised to avoid heavy-lifting exercises and to stay away from hard, crunchy foods that may injure your surgical site.

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Need Oral Surgery in Coral Springs, FL?

If you have infected or inflamed gums, it is highly advised that you see a dentist. Always remember that taking pain relievers is only a temporary solution. Schedule an appointment at Oral Facial Reconstruction to prevent your dental problem from getting worse!