What is Corrective Jaw Surgery?

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Do you or someone you know have a misaligned jaw? Has it ever caused any problems in their daily life? Our oral surgery in Plantation has spent decades perfecting the corrective jaw surgery, commonly known as orthognathic surgery. This can relieve symptoms for individuals who have obstructive sleep disorders or simply have an unstable bite.These problems may be due to incorrect growth in the lower and upper jaws, thus creating misalignment of the teeth. It may also cause difficulties in speech and eating.

Where can I get Oral Surgery Plantation?

What is the Purpose of Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Balances Teeth and Jaws

Corrective jaw surgery aligns your jaws and teeth into a position that is more balanced and functional. More so, bite stabilization and jaw repositioning provide sufficient cosmetic benefits. Many benefits will deem outside cosmetic enhancements unnecessary.

Aesthetic Improvements

While oral surgery in Plantation allows you to be more comfortable, it can also help with the biting problems. Likewise, your speech and smile aesthetics may also improve!Additionally, repositioning your teeth and jaw can provide airway improvement, more balanced dental health, aesthetically softer features, and a stronger jaw. An experienced dentist can merge other cosmetic procedures and surgery, including:

Who is a Good Candidate?

You're a good candidate for corrective jaw surgery if you have trouble sleeping or you snore at night. Thus, if you're diagnosed with sleep apnea, oral surgery is highly recommended.Likewise, individuals who have jaw joint or chronic jaw pain coupled with a headache are good candidates for corrective jaw surgery. Other causes include dry mouth, chronic mouth breathing, protruding jaw, receding chin, or difficulty in swallowing, chewing, or biting.Also, an open bite, birth defects, and facial injury may make you eligible. Or, if you notice a space between the lower and upper teeth when you close your mouth, you should go to your dentist.

Where can I get Oral Surgery Plantation?

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