What is Pericoronitis?

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Pericoronitis is a dental health problem that usually affects the wisdom teeth Miami Beach or the 3rd set of molars. Moreso, logically referred to as “wisdom tooth infection”, this dental health problem is the inflammation of soft tissues surrounding the crown area of a tooth. Pericoronitis may be severe, persistent, or mild. To know more, please keep on reading.

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FAQs on Pericoronitis

What are the Different Types?

This wisdom teeth Miami Beach infection is composed of various types such as acute or chronic pericoronitis. Acute pericoronitis involves several intense symptoms such as pain, swelling, and fever. These symptoms may illustrate the spread of severe infection in your mouth. On the other hand, chronic pericoronitis is a minor inflammation of the infected area with fewer signs and symptoms indicating the spread of infection in your mouth.

What are the Signs and Symptoms?

The signs and symptoms of this wisdom teeth Miami Beach infection differ in severity and can include loss of appetite, fever, halitosis or bad breath, difficulty in opening your mouth or swallowing, inflamed lymph nodes in the neck, or a bad taste in the mouth. Additionally, if you experience gum swelling because of fluid accumulation and pain that can be felt to other parts of the body such as the floor of your mouth, throat, or ear, there is a possibility that you have pericoronitis.

How is it Diagnosed?

A dentist can diagnose wisdom teeth Miami Beach infection through the occurrence of clinical evaluation of the signs and symptoms you have. A dental x-ray can show the position of the wisdom teeth and possibly the severity of your infection. However, other symptoms such as inflammation and pain must be ruled out before conducting a pericoronitis diagnosis.

Prevent Possible Wisdom Teeth Miami Beach Infection

If you don’t want your day to be ruined by any sickness or infection, it is imperative that you visit your dentist when you experience a symptom to prevent the spread as early as possible. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction today!