What is Prosthodontics?

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Prosthodontics is a common Aventura oral surgery procedure that focuses on the fitting, development, and design of artificial replacements of your teeth and other surrounding areas of your mouth. Through this surgical procedure, your dentist aims to restore and preserve oral function, appearance, and health through maintenance, rehabilitation, treatment planning, and proper diagnosis.

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Knitty-Gritty Facts of Prosthodontics

Who is a Prosthodontist?

In Aventura oral surgery, it is well-known that a prosthodontist offers treatment to individuals with clinical conditions linked with missing or deficient maxillofacial tissues and teeth. Idyllically, a prosthodontist is highly knowledgeable and proficient in dealing with temporomandibular disorders, dental implants, crowns, and bridges. Although there are several dentists who can offer some alternative procedures, prosthodontists are renowned as the best in this field. In a lot of situations, these professionals lead a team of health professionals, general dentists, and other specialists, in creating a personalized solution for a specific dental concern.

How to Determine if you Need a Prosthodontist Service

Generally, anyone with unusual, complex, or extensive oral restorative needs should set an appointment with a prosthodontist. If you have the following conditions, you definitely need to consult a prosthodontist.

  • Traumatic facial injuries affecting your jaw or mouth
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder
  • With cleft palates or missing teeth since you were a kid
  • Sleep and snoring disorders

Additionally, a visit to the prosthodontist is also required if you want to undergo maxillofacial prosthetic procedures, complex care management, partial or complete removal of dentures, dental implantation, cosmetic dentistry, and other Aventura oral surgery procedures.

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Other Types of Aventura Oral Surgery

Aside from prosthodontics, oral surgery also includes oral and maxillofacial surgery, as well as, tooth extractions. Thus, if you want to know more about the other types of oral surgery or you want to avail of the services of our skilled and proficient dentists, contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center today!