What Is The Best Food for Your Teeth?

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Your teeth are considered one of the strongest and wear-resistant parts of your body. However, you still have to take care of them since they are still susceptible to damage. Once your dental condition progresses, simple treatments are no longer a solution. At this point, your dentist may recommend that you undergo oral surgery in Plantation. To help improve your dental health, here are the best foods for your teeth. 

healthy food Oral Surgery Plantation

Teeth-Friendly Food That Will Boost Your Dental Health

Phosphorus-rich Foods

Phosphorus supports calcium in producing strong teeth and bones. You can get this mineral in beans, nuts, dairy, lean meat, fish, and eggs. Also, one of the common soft foods you can enjoy during your oral surgery recovery is eggs. You can either cook scrambled, poached, sunny-side-up, and hard-boiled eggs. Moreso, there are tons of recipes online if you want to spice up your breakfast.

Vitamin C-rich Foods

Aside from phosphorus, it is also important that you take enough Vitamin C since it promotes gum health. Hence, if you have gingivitis, it is highly recommended that you take enough Vitamin C to counter, or prevent, periodontal diseases. Examples of the foods rich in Vitamin C are spinach, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and potatoes. If you’ve undergone oral surgery, there will be times when you’ll get tempted to grab a box of instant mashed potatoes to feed your hunger. However, it won’t be good for your health if you consume a lot of these store-bought instant mashed potatoes every day. As a healthier option, try to boil some potatoes, peel the skin off, add salt and your favorite greens, and blend it all together.

healthy food Oral Surgery Plantation

More Information Regarding Oral Surgery in Plantation

Aside from eating healthy, there are other ways to enhance your dental health. Schedule an appointment with Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center to know more about oral surgery and how to maintain good dental health.