What to Expect During Orthognathic Surgery

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Are you suffering from sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, a malocclusion, or abnormal alignment of the face? If yes, then you need to visit your dentist to know whether you need to undergo an orthognathic surgery in Plantation. Below are the procedures and steps you need to know.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Orthognathic Surgery

Step 1 – Consultation and Assessment

Like any other dental treatment, consultation and assessment are always the first steps before any actual procedure begins. Your doctor will ask you questions regarding your dental status to determine if something may complicate the surgery process, as well as to set your expectations when it comes to results and timeline.

Step 2 – Pre-Operative Appointment

Most orthognathic surgery treatments begin with an appointment to collect relevant information. Your orthodontist or surgeon will advise you to take an X-ray and CT-scan. Teeth impressions will also be taken so they can precisely customize a dental model of your teeth, if need be. All of the information taken will be used to plan out the procedure.

Step 3 – Anesthesia

Since this treatment requires surgery, it’s important that you’re placed under a sedative. Your doctor will walk you through anesthesia options as well as any allergies you may have. General anesthesia is administered to make things easier for you while your vitals are monitored at all times.

Step 4 – Surgery Proper

As soon as the anesthesia takes effect, your surgeon will begin the treatment. Most incisions are made in the mouth. However, other incisions may be made on the cheek, whenever necessary. Either way, your doctor will aim to be as minimally invasive as possible to minimize exposure, risk of infection, and scarring.After the surgery, you may be required to wear a mouth guard or splint to keep your teeth in place. Likewise, splints are also used to address teeth grinding and clenching problems that may affect the success of the surgery.

Step 5 – The Results

Oftentimes, the results of orthognathic surgery are immediately noticeable. However, there may still be bruising and swelling caused by the treatment. It should subside over a few months and it is at this time when you can fully see the results.

Who is the best Oral surgeon Aventura?

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