What to Know About Frenectomy Surgery

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Frena provide stability to the lower and upper lip, as well as the tongue. They are regularly found in the normal oral cavity. If it is necessary for you to remove one or two frena from your mouth, you will have to arrange an appointment for Plantation oral surgery.

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Procedure for Frenectomy Surgery

When is It Necessary?

Frenectomy is often performed in infants with an elongated lingual frenum. If this is not removed, it will be challenging to feed and nurse them efficiently. Once the patient reaches toddler years and the elongated lingual frenum is left uncorrected, the speech and food intake will be affected. In severe cases, the child will experience discomfort and difficulty swallowing.When it comes to orthodontic matters, an extended labial frenum can pose detrimental effects on the teeth and gum line of a child. If not removed at an early stage, it can interfere with the proper spacing and growth of the upper teeth, leading to a huge gap.

Braces Before Frenectomy

Once a gap is created due to the extended labial frenum, your orthodontist will probably advise you to get braces. However, if this dental treatment cannot address the problem, frenectomy surgery is the best solution.

Frenectomy Procedure

On your first visit, your oral surgeon will determine whether the frena in question will require surgery. Often, non-invasive and more natural treatment is considered. However, if a frenectomy is deemed necessary, proper guidelines or instructions will be discussed before the surgery starts.

where can i get plantation oral surgery?

Plantation Oral Surgery Aftercare Tips

Immediately after your surgery, you will have to follow post-op tips. These aftercare tips include avoiding unnecessary pressure on your tongue and keeping the affected area clean. If you’re planning to get a frenectomy or you just had it and want to know more about the aftercare tips, get in touch with our friendly staff at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center!