What You Should Know About TMJ Surgery

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TMJ disorders are a collection of conditions characterized by pain in the jaw's joints and muscles. The TMJ is a joint that joins the jaw with the skull, allowing it to open and close. TMJ issues can be treated by TMJ aventura surgery to repair or replace portions of the jaw.

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Understanding TMJ Disorders

Categories of TMJ Disorders

TMJ issues can have a variety of reasons. These problems can occur as a result of jaw trauma in some situations. Common causes include the following:

  • Misalignment of the teeth and jaw
  • Teeth clenching or grinding
  • Infections
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune illness

TMJ disorders are a set of conditions that cause pain in the jaw's joints and muscles. TMJ problems are divided into three groups, each of which affects a distinct area:

  • A type of arthritis that affects the jaw joint
  • A displaced disk or an injury may cause internal derangement of the joint.
  • The muscles that regulate the jaw are affected by myofascial discomfort.

Surgical Treatments

There are a variety of surgical options available, including:

  • TMJ arthroscopy: This minimally invasive surgery frequently allows patients to return home the same day. Surgeons execute the procedure using a micro-incision.
  • Arthrocentesis: Surgeons introduce needles into the jaw to cleanse the joint with sterile fluid during this minimally invasive treatment.
  • Joint replacement: During this invasive operation, surgeons use a prosthetic to replace sections of or the entire TMJ joint in order to improve its function.
  • Modified condyloma: This type of mouth surgery creates more joint space to keep the jaw from locking.
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Do You Think You Should Have Your TMJ Checked-in Aventura?

If you think you might have TMJ pain or other issues with your mouth or jaw, our dentists at Oral Facial Reconstruction can help. Call us so we can give you a complete assessment and discuss your treatment options.