When Are Dental Implants Not a Good Option?

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One of the most popular solutions for teeth in poor condition is dental implants in Plantation. However, the contraindications for the placement of these implants are an aspect to be considered. Before starting, it is necessary to evaluate if any contraindications require an alternative treatment.

an older woman with Dental implants in plantation

Who Should Not Get Dental Implants?

Pregnant Women

In the case of pregnant women, there could be contraindications, not because of the intervention to place the implants but because of the potential complications that may occur with the intake of antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs, which is why it’s not recommended to perform oral surgery during pregnancy.

Alcoholism, Mental Illness or Drug Addiction

For implants to be successful, the patient must scrupulously comply with the indications of the specialist. In the case of people with addictions or mental problems, it’s possible that it can’t be guaranteed that this will be carried out; and for that reason, it’s essential that these types of patients see the corresponding professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, etc.) so that they have their illness under control and can follow the indications to take care of their implants.

Debilitating or Uncontrolled Diseases

Conditions that affect the body's ability to heal and repair can have a negative effect on the placement and quality of an implant. Individuals suffering from diseases (such as diabetes) that are uncontrolled aren’t good candidates for dental implants because the body doesn’t heal as it should. However, a diabetic properly controlled by his or her physician can be successfully treated with implants.

Allergic to Titanium

Most dental implants are made of titanium. However, in the market, there are options for implants made of other materials such as Zirconium, a ceramic material, or tantalum, a metal. The best option will be studied in each case to place implants in case the patient is allergic to titanium.

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