When One of Your Dental Implants Feels Loose, What Should You Do?

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Teeth in a Day® in Plantation is undoubtedly one of the most effective techniques to restore lost teeth. They're strong, they can prevent bone loss, they look and function like natural teeth, and they can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, there is a slight possibility of the Teeth in a Day® dental implants becoming loose. What happens if one of your implants becomes loose? Is this a sign that it's failing? Before you get too worked up, please read this to see why your implant might not be as secure as it previously was.

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Understanding How a Dental Implant Works

Why Is My Dental Implant Loose?

When you feel movement with your dental implant, it's most likely not from the implant itself. When a single natural tooth is replaced with a dental implant, the crown linked to the implant is frequently loose. When it comes to more significant bridges or dentures, it's more likely that a portion that binds the denture or bridge to the implant is loose rather than the implant itself. This can be a tiny screw that secures the denture to the implant or releases cement between a crown and the anchor, which is the component of your restoration that attaches your dental crown to your dental implant.

Never Take Unnecessary Risks

Don't assume that if one of your implants seems loose, it's because the crown has been damaged. The best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with your dentist for an x-ray, so you can figure out precisely what's wrong.

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Is Teeth in a Day® in Plantation Right for You?

Give us a call if your implant seems loose. We look into the matter to determine the root of the problem. Oral Facial Reconstruction employs the most cutting-edge dental technology to provide precise treatment and diagnosis while maintaining your comfort. Contact our office now to arrange an appointment if you're ready to experience the better side of dentistry.