When Should You Visit an Oral Surgeon?

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Oral surgery is a necessary procedure for many people. When you have problems with your teeth, mouth, or jaw that cannot be fixed with other dentistry procedures, an oral surgeon in Coral Springs can help.

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What You Should Know

When to Visit

Oral surgery can seem scary to many people, but surgeons routinely do it, and there is no need to worry. If you have any oral health concerns, it's always best to visit an oral surgeon. They can assess your individual situation and recommend the best course of action. However, there are some specific situations where you should definitely see an oral surgeon. For instance, if you have a tooth that's significantly cracked or broken, if you are experiencing pain in your jaw or mouth, or if you have a growth or lump in your mouth, you should make an appointment. They will be able to provide you with the care and treatment you need to address your oral health concerns.

How Often Should You Visit

Depending on your needs, you may need to visit an oral surgeon more or less frequently. If you have a more complex oral health issue, you may need to see an oral surgeon more often.

What’s the Most Common Oral Surgery Treatment?

One common type of oral surgery is tooth extraction. Tooth extractions are often necessary when someone has a severely damaged or infected tooth. Oral surgeons can also perform root canals, which is a procedure that removes the pulp from a damaged tooth. If you have TMJ disorder, an oral surgeon can help to correct the problem.

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Need Assistance from an Oral Surgeon in Coral Springs?

If you are considering oral surgery, please consult our oral surgeons. We are here to help!