Which Are the Pros and Cons of Teeth In A Day®?

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Nowadays, more people are deciding on a practical and more accessible option when losing a tooth. Teeth In A Day® in Coral Springs allows you to replace your missing teeth in one day, saving you from multiple appointments at your dentist's office. Getting dental implants is a procedure that can take months because after placing the implant in the jaw, the dentist must wait for the gums and jawbone to recover. So, Teeth In A Day® is more tempting for an immediate replacement solution.

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Know the Process Before Getting the Procedure

This procedure requires four dental implants to replace an entire arch of teeth. The dental implants will be placed into the patient's jawbone by the dentist, who will also give them a dental crown or bridge as a temporary replacement. The patient will enjoy having a fully functional set of teeth once the temporary restoration has been linked to the dental implants. This procedure provides immediate results. Let´s take a look at some essential facts to know so you can start in your dental implant journey:


  • There won´t be bone grafting
  • You won´t suffer sensitivity to hot or cold
  • It offers a great appearance
  • Restore your facial contour
  • Less patient discomfort
  • Immediate functionality

Teeth In A Day® is a fantastic option for replacing missing teeth without waiting a long time. You can arrive at the dentist's office with your denture or missing teeth and go home that same day with a confident new smile.

Patient at dentist office for a teeth in a day in coral springs

Ask Your Dentist About Teeth In a Day® in Coral Springs

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