Why Is Exposing Impacted Tooth Important?

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If you’re lucky enough, your permanent teeth erupted smoothly during your young life. However, many patients have pearly whites that take more time or are simply unable to come out fully. Since waiting for your impacted teeth to erupt can cause several dental problems, oral surgery experts in Aventura, FL, sometimes have to expose these troublemakers to save your smile.

Patient that needs  Oral surgery in Aventura FL

What Does Impacted Tooth Exposure Mean?

According to oral surgeons, an impacted tooth cannot erupt on its own and can’t become a permanent part of your mouth. This phenomenon usually happens because the tooth doesn’t have enough room to come out, either because other teeth have shifted and covered the gap or your jaw is smaller than average. Oral surgeons first check which type of teeth is having trouble erupting. If a wisdom tooth gives you a hard time, a dental professional will likely extract it to take care of the issue for good. However, they will try to expose your canines, as they’re teeth you need in your everyday life. Your dentist will make room for your tooth to get out, expose it, and check if it comes straight over time.

Why Should an Oral Surgeon Expose an Impacted Tooth?

If you pay no mind to your impacted teeth and leave them be, they can hinder your oral health and daily routine. The pressure an impacted tooth exerts can cause jaw pain and intense headaches, making eating, talking, and working more troublesome. The shape of your smile can change for the worse, too, as your teeth might start shifting and overcrowding. Not only will this make your smile look less put together, but it will also increase your chances of getting tooth decay and gum disease. Therefore, it’s always best to listen to your oral surgeon when they suggest exposing your impacted tooth.

Patient that needs  Oral surgery in Aventura FL

Do You Need Oral Surgery in Aventura, FL?

Having an impacted tooth is no longer an issue since we are prepared to expose it and give you a beaming, healthy smile. Call us today!