Why See an Oral Surgeon

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An oral surgeon in Plantation performs important procedures, both restorative and cosmetic. Although the idea of surgery for many people is still scary and unpleasant, its effectiveness is beyond undeniable. With recent advancements in dental techniques and technologies, oral surgeries are far less complex and much more invasive than before.

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Why Should I Visit an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon?

Common Reasons to See an Oral Surgeon

Dental implants have quickly become a popular alternative to dentures. The process involves placing screw posts into the jawbone to replace the damaged root. A crown, with the support of the dental implant, functions and looks like a natural tooth.Not all tooth extractions are simple. Extracting a tooth may require more invasive oral surgery. In this case, an oral surgeon will need to perform a complicated procedure that could involve cutting the tooth into pieces.Another common reason to see an oral surgeon is for orthognathic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery. This procedure is performed to treat jaw irregularities to improve the patient’s ability to breathe, chew, swallow, and speak properly.

Dental Referrals

For anybody who is looking to keep track of their oral health, they will often seek out a dentist regularly to ensure everything is in mint condition. Oral surgeons are more specialized and carry great importance when it comes to a person’s oral and facial functionality and overall health.

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Need to See an Oral Surgeon in Plantation?

Whether your teeth are in a rough shape or as healthy as they can be, Oral Facial Reconstruction can treat a wide variety of oral health issues and specialize in many areas, ranging from wisdom teeth removal to dental implants. We have offices in Plantation, Coral Spring, Aventura, and Pembroke Pines. Schedule an appointment today!