Why Should You Contact Your Oral Surgeon Following Surgery?

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You should have no problems recuperating after oral surgery in Aventura, FL, if you have a highly qualified and experienced oral surgeon. Even in individuals who undergo complex treatments, complications are uncommon.However, during the recovery period after surgical treatment, problems might arise, so keep an eye out for warning indications. Please call your oral surgeon straight away if you suffer any of the following symptoms.

Warning Signs That You Should Contact Your Oral Surgeon

Severe Pain That Doesn't Subside

Some discomfort is to be expected after recovering from dental surgery, but it should eventually fade. Call your oral surgeon if your pain does not go away or worsens. Additional therapy may be required if you have a dry socket, an infection, or another problem.

Prolonged Post-extraction Bleeding

Blood clots can occur at the surgical wound after dental implant implantation, wisdom tooth removal, or other operation. Bleeding, on the other hand, should not last too long. Contact your oral surgeon if you have considerable bleeding after so many hours.

Lasting Dental Numbness

If you've been sedated, you might anticipate some numbness to stay. However, contact your oral surgeon if your lips, cheeks, tongue, face, or jaw are numb for more than a few hours. You may have nerve injury or paresthesia, and while the problem usually goes away on its own, you should seek professional advice.

Chills and Fever

A low-grade fever following oral surgery isn't something to be concerned about. However, if your temperature increases beyond 100 degrees, contact your oral surgeon. If you have an illness, you may need antibiotic therapy to get back up and running.

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