Why You Shouldn't Smoke After Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Are your wisdom teeth starting to bother you? Do you think it's time to remove them? Contrary to wisdom teeth beliefs, this is a relatively straightforward procedure, although the recovery can be a bit complicated for those who smoke. It can be tempting to smoke after removing your wisdom teeth in Plantation, FL. However, you should be aware that by doing so, you risk developing a painful condition known as a dry socket.

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Why Is Smoking After Removing Teeth Wisdom Discouraged?


Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a common dental procedure. Having this is not as scary as you imagine, your recovery time depends on the rate at which your body heals, as well as other elements like your age and the extraction itself. Some people experience no discomfort following surgery; However, for other, this unusual pressure in your gums may last for a few days, or even a week.Smoking after wisdom teeth surgery is highly discouraged for optimum recovery. This can cause infections and longer recovery due to the foreign chemicals touching and possibly entering the wound site. Dentists suggest that patients avoid smoking for at least 48 hours after surgery.

Dry Socket

Taking a single puff after wisdom tooth removal may sound like it'll relieve some pain, but this is not the case. The suction will pull the wound, and this could tear the sutures apart, re-opening the incision. Smoking not only hurts but also slows down the healing process. Dry socket is a condition where the blood clot does not form or separate before healing, or rather, the socket is said to be dry. This exposes the sensitive nerves under your tooth, which is extremely painful. You can suffer pain that extends from the socket to your ear, eye, and neck. Additionally, you could build a fever and begin to experience bad tastes in your mouth and difficulty breathing. It's relatively easy to know if you have a dry socket. Just look in your mouth for an empty hole, this is a dry socket. It's important to note that dry socket can also affect nonsmokers; however, it is far more common in smokers.

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Ask Us About Wisdom Teeth Procedures in Plantation

Medical professionals of all varieties suggest patients quit smoking; however, we acknowledge it's no easy feat and it shouldn't stop you from having a necessary surgery, like wisdom teeth. We strongly encourage you wait at least 72 hours before smoking to lessen your probability of complications and let the socket heal a little. Call your dentist today to ask us about having your wisdom teeth removed. We're excited to work with you!