Wisdom Teeth: 5 Reasons to Extract Them

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Many of our patients come to our office with doubts about whether or not to have their wisdom teeth in Coral Springs removed. To resolve these doubts, we are going to explain the five main reasons why surgeons recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth and why it’s important to undergo this procedure.


Infection of the Wisdom Tooth or Cavities

One of the main reasons for tooth extraction is to prevent or stop an infection. The infection of the third molar is known as "pericoronitis". It causes inflammation, redness, and pain when swallowing on the affected side – and sometimes oozing. It can also cause blockage in the mouth opening and heat in the area.  

Lack of Space to Erupt

In cases where the size of the maxillary and mandibular bones is smaller than the size of the permanent teeth, the wisdom teeth find themselves without space to be placed normally in the arch.

Injury or Decay to Neighboring Teeth

When wisdom teeth are very recessed against the front tooth (impacted), in their attempts to erupt, they can cause cavities in the crown, the root, or in both areas of the front tooth.

These lesions often make it necessary to extract the wisdom tooth and the adjacent molar.

Cysts Around the Tooth

These cysts are diagnosed with radiological images and usually don’t cause pain. They do produce bone destruction depending on their evolution. If left to develop uncontrolled, they can affect nearby molars and bone, and even cause spontaneous fractures or nerve damage.


Need Treatment for Wisdom Teeth in Coral Springs?

When it comes to wisdom teeth, care must be provided as quickly as possible to chart a course of action together with your specialist. Don't let it become a major problem. For a thorough check-up, call us now at Oral Facial Reconstruction!