Wisdom Teeth and TMJ

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Do you constantly experience severe jaw pain? Pinpointing the exact cause may be difficult if your dentist doesn’t have the proper expertise and equipment. Several periodontal or other dental conditions may cause pain in your jaw. However, questions often boil down to this: Is your jaw pain caused by an impacted wisdom tooth or TMJ? Here are the important notes about wisdom teeth and TMJ in Pembroke Pines.

Who can help TMJ Pembroke pines?

How to Tell if It’s TMJ or Wisdom Teeth?

Signs you Need TMJ Treatment

TMJ disorders may lead to constant jaw pain every time you chew or bite down a food. Aside from your jaw, the pain caused by TMJ disorder may also extend to your shoulders, upper back, and neck. Likewise, there will be times when you will notice teeth grinding, jaw clicking, and limited jaw mobility. These are just mild symptoms that indicate you need to undergo a TMJ disorder treatment.

Sign you Need a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

On the other hand, the pain you experience is caused by an impacted wisdom tooth when it extends to the surrounding teeth, and you notice constant teeth sensitivity. It may also be challenging for you to eat with an impacted wisdom tooth without experiencing any pain. Another indicator that your wisdom tooth is causing the problem is when food gets stuck in your gum flap. Over time, it will develop into periodontal disease.

Will Wisdom Tooth Extraction Result in TMJ Disorder?

Removing a wisdom tooth will not cause TMJ disorder. Extractions are often due to other issues such as damage to surrounding teeth and discomfort. It is removed because the tooth continues attempting to erupt in positions that do not have enough space, pushing the surrounding teeth to the wrong position.

Who can help TMJ Pembroke pines?

Where to Treat TMJ in Pembroke Pines?

Several signs can appear identical, but some are exclusive. Therefore, you and your dentist must know the distinction before doing any treatments. If you’re experiencing jaw pain and other dental conditions, book an appointment with Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center to prevent further inflammation and infection.