Wisdom Teeth Coral Springs | Surgery Aftercare You Should Follow

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If your wisdom teeth Coral Springs are causing you problems, then it’s high time that you have them removed. It’s probably one of the wisest decisions you can make before your wisdom teeth can cause other problems to your oral health. After having them removed, it’s important that you follow the aftercare instructions to avoid any complications and to heal properly. Here is some wisdom teeth surgery aftercare you should follow:

Cold Compress

Apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth for 20 minutes intermittently to reduce inflammation, discomfort, and bruising.

Bite Down on a Gauze

It’s normal to bleed after surgery. Just make sure that you bite down on a gauze pad for 30 minutes, and to keep extra pads near you for replacements. If you’re bleeding heavily you can place a finger on top of the gauze on the extraction site for 30 mins or you can use a damp teabag. The damp teabag can help your blood to clot.

Take a Rest

For the first 2 hours after surgery, make sure to minimize your talking, eating, and drinking to allow the extraction site to rest. Also, take the rest of the day off to allow your body to recuperate from the surgery. It’s also important to avoid any laborious activities because this can cause bleeding.

Keep Hydrated

Make sure to drink lots of lukewarm water after the bleeding stops to keep you hydrated. It’s also advisable to eat soft foods and to avoid carbonated drinks to prevent uprooting the blood clot.

Take the Prescribed Medications

After the removal of your wisdom teeth Coral Springs, make sure to take the prescribed medicine and antibiotics as directed by your dentist.

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Where to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Coral Springs Extracted?

Make sure to follow these aftercare instructions to avoid the formation of a dry socket. Have your wisdom teeth Coral Springs extracted with an oral surgeon you can trust. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our skilled oral surgeons can provide you with the best care and treatments to guarantee success. Call us for inquiries or set an appointment online!