Wisdom Teeth Coral Springs | What to Eat and Avoid After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

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When your wisdom teeth don’t grow in the way it’s supposed to, it can cause several oral problems, like crowding, infection, and pain. That’s why most people have their wisdom teeth Coral Springs removed. Whether you need to go through a simple extraction or something more complex, like a surgery, to get rid of your wisdom tooth, you must be careful about what you eat after the procedure to avoid infection, bleeding, and dry socket. Here's a list of what to eat and what not to eat after your wisdom teeth removal:

What to Eat Right After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Right after the removal and even during recovery, it's crucial that you only eat liquids and soft foods. Crunchy or hard foods that require you to chew will only cause you pain and a dry socket. Sometimes, these food bits can also get trapped in the recovering area, attracting bacteria, which may develop into an infection. Examples of soft foods are the following: yogurt, apple sauce, smoothies, broths, mashed potatoes, and ice-cream.

What Not to Eat After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Here’s a list of certain foods that you should avoid for a week or more after your wisdom teeth removal:

  • Acidic drinks and spicy foods can irritate and cause pain in the surgical area.
  • Alcoholic drinks can counteract the pain medication you’re given and can irritate the surgical area.
  • Grains because they can easily get trapped in the extraction area.
  • Hard chewy foods because it can reopen the stitches and interrupt healing.
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Where to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Coral Springs Extracted

Follow this guide to heal faster and fully from your wisdom teeth Coral Springs extraction. Have your wisdom teeth extracted at Oral Facial Reconstruction! Contact us for inquiries!