Wisdom Teeth Miami Beach | Common Misconceptions About Wisdom Teeth

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You'll likely experience a level of pain and discomfort once your wisdom teeth start to erupt, especially if they're impacted. Most people have their wisdom teeth Miami Beach removed before they even start to cause serious oral problems, but some believe that they’re better left alone. If you’re confused about what to do with your wisdom teeth, then maybe clearing out some common misconceptions can help you make a wise decision. Here are some common misconceptions about wisdom teeth:

Wisdom Teeth Causes Crowding

This is would depend on your case, but some people don't experience any crowding once their wisdom teeth start to erupt. Some will need orthodontic treatment, like braces, to align back their teeth.

X-rays Can Predict When a Wisdom Teeth Erupts

No one and nothing can tell the timing and way in which your wisdom teeth Miami Beach is going to erupt. But through x-rays, your dentist can identify if your wisdom teeth are impacted or not.

Everyone Experiences Wisdom Teeth Pain

Not everyone has wisdom teeth, to begin with. For some, their wisdom teeth are tucked away beneath their gums and never erupts. In both cases, pain is unlikely. But both are perfectly normal as long as no symptoms are showing that there's something wrong.

It’s Okay to Smoke and Drink After an Extraction

It’s not okay to smoke or drink after an extraction. Doing so increases your chance of developing an infection called a dry socket. Having a dry socket can be very painful and uncomfortable, so stay away from smoking and drinking after an extraction.

Everyone Needs to Have Their Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth extraction. It's only necessary if it's impacted or is causing you problems.

Where to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Miami Beach Extracted

It’s best to visit a dentist to know if your wisdom teeth need to be extracted. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our team of experienced oral surgeons will guarantee that your wisdom teeth Miami Beach extraction is a successful and pleasant procedure. Contact us for inquiries!