What Should I Know About Wisdom Teeth and Braces?

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Most individuals experience impacted teeth either because they are unable to break partially or get stuck under the gums. Impacted teeth often occur because the jaw's space is insufficient to accommodate all of the growing teeth. The majority of individuals today undergo removal of their wisdom teeth in Miami Beach. However, do wisdom teeth affect braces? Read on to know the answer.

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How Do Wisdom Teeth and Braces Relate?

Problems Caused by Impacted Teeth

Although impacted wisdom teeth are a standard dental treatment, there are still problems in such dental conditions. Some of the dental concerns that may arise from impacted wisdom teeth are infections, bad breath, and gum tenderness. Thus, oral surgeons or general dentists usually remove impacted wisdom teeth in Miami Beach before creating other dental concerns. Dental Visits are ImportantDental visits and necessary examinations or X-rays allow you and your dentist to follow your wisdom teeth' progress. It will help your dentist map out a plan when you want to undergo an orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign. Any dental concerns that will hinder the progress of such therapy can be found at an earlier stage.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

According to dentists, the removal of wisdom teeth in Miami Beach is unnecessary for the sole purpose of teeth movement. As supported by studies, wisdom teeth do not push other teeth out as they erupt. Hence, it is safe to infer that wisdom teeth will not affect your teeth' movement when you have your braces on.

where is the best wisdom teeth miami beach?

Removal of Wisdom Teeth in Miami Beach

At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we recognize that all patients are unique and deserve different orthodontic care. Because of this, our talented and experienced team will carefully assess whether you need your wisdom tooth removed while you have your braces on.To know more, contact our team through this link!