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Not all patients have the same case of wisdom teeth impaction. For some, it is completely harmless and does not require extraction, but for others, surgery is necessary. If your wisdom teeth are starting to erupt, then it’s advisable to go to the dentist for an x-ray to fully examine what type of wisdom teeth Miami Beach impaction you have and to know if extraction is necessary. Here are the different types of wisdom teeth impaction:

Mesial Impaction

Mesial impaction is the most common type of impaction. This is where the tooth is angled facing towards the front part of your mouth. This position pushes up against the second molar next to it. The angle of the tooth will cause the crown to erupt partially. In some cases, the tooth will erupt completely over time, but for some, it won’t. If it’s clear that your wisdom tooth will never erupt then extraction is necessary to prevent further issues.

Vertical Impaction

Usually, this type of impaction does not require extraction, unless it is pushing up against the underside of the molar next to it or against the bone at the back of your mouth. Vertically impacted teeth are difficult to remove and can sometimes damage the bone surrounding it, but this type of complication is usually rare.

Horizontal Impaction

Horizontal impaction means that your teeth will grow horizontally towards the second molar. This also means that it’s angled parallel to your jawbones, which will damage the surrounding teeth. An extraction is usually necessary for this type of complication.

Distal Impaction

This type of impaction is the opposite of mesial impaction. It is angled towards the back of your mouth. Depending on the angle of the tooth, your dentist will decide whether it should be removed or not.

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