The Basics of a Simple Tooth Extraction

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When decayed, damaged, or broken teeth can’t be restored with a filling or endodontic procedures, extracting your one or more of your teeth is the only solution. Tooth extractions are also conducted for various reasons. For instance, tooth extraction may be performed when you have oral infections that avoid organ transplantation, impacted wisdom teeth Plantation, and extraction of baby teeth that are stubborn to fall out in time.

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Simple Tooth Extraction Facts you Need to Know

Types of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions have 2 types namely, the simple and surgical extraction. The former removes visible teeth and it is normally conducted by a general dentist. While the latter is a bit complicated since it is concerned with wisdom teeth Plantation which is not easily visible.This is performed when the teeth cannot be extracted without performing an incision. Thus, surgical tooth extractions are usually conducted by dental surgeons.


Before a tooth extraction may be conducted, x-rays and other dental tests will be required. In this way, you and your dentist or surgeon will be guaranteed that the right extraction is performed. Before you can undergo a wisdom teeth Plantation extraction, your dentist or surgeon will require you a full panoramic x-ray.In case you have some sensitivity or allergy concerns, weak immune system, or other medical issues that may affect the extraction process, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics.

Pain Control

Controlling the pain during the wisdom teeth Plantation extraction is no joke. Thus, most dentists and surgeons use local anesthetic injections even if only a simple tooth extraction will be performed. In contrast, surgical extractions will require deep sedation or heavier anesthesia. If you feel any pain or severe discomfort, never hesitate to tell your dentist.

More Information about Wisdom Teeth Plantation Extractions

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