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Do you feel any sensitivity at the back portion of your gums? Are you wondering if it’s your wisdom tooth to blame? If your answer to both questions is a “Yes”, then you probably need to get your wisdom tooth removed. Wisdom teeth Plantation begins to grow at an early stage. As the tooth grows, it can move and cause a detrimental impact on the alignment of your teeth and jaw. Thus, below are some of the most common indications on why you need to have your wisdom tooth removed.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction is Necessary

Sinus Concerns

Few people only know that dental problems can affect the sinuses. According to experts, sinus problems may be caused by several reasons. However, a strongly linked cause of sinus problems is due to dental concerns which include your untreated wisdom teeth. If you notice pain, pressure, or congestion in your sinuses, this is an indicator that you need to have your wisdom tooth removed.

Pain and Stiffness

Aside from sinus concerns, another sign that you need to have your wisdom tooth removed is when you experience pain and stiffness in your jaw. Once the tooth starts to shift, you will experience limitations in your mouth’s movement. As a result, you can barely open your mouth because of the pain. Hence, tooth extraction is mandatory.

Inflammation or Sensitivity Around the Gums

As mentioned earlier, the most common indicator that you need your wisdom tooth removed is when you experience sensitivity and inflammation around your gums. Once you notice reddish areas and a slightly swollen portion of your gums, you will have to visit the dentist to remove your wisdom teeth.

Development of Cysts

If the wisdom tooth remained untreated and ignored for an extended period, the development of cyst is possible.

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