Wisdom Teeth Removal: How to Get Ready for Surgery?

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Nobody enjoys the concept of surgery, let alone in their mouth, so having their wisdom teeth in Pembroke Pines removed might be a frightening thought. Even so, there are a few things to be aware of to make sure the procedure goes well and that you recover quickly. Learn more about the safety measures you may take to get ready for your wisdom teeth removal by reading on.


About Food and Drinks

Before surgery, avoid eating or drinking after midnight. Anesthesia administration on a "full stomach" carries the danger of regurgitation, which could restrict your airway. This problem is quite significant, so don’t take chances. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided at least two days before and after surgery.

Be Open with Your Surgeon

Inform your doctor of all medications, vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies you take, since some of them may affect the procedure. Your doctor will tell you if you should stop taking any of them before the procedure and how far in advance you should stop taking them.  

Conversely, be open about using alcohol and drugs recreationally. Unbelievably, a body that has become habituated to drugs and alcohol will present unique difficulties. Help us get ready for this task in advance.

Think Ahead

It’s recommended to be accompanied by an adult since this procedure requires a large amount of anesthesia or sedation that will prevent you from returning to your activities immediately.  

Also, it’s always more convenient to be prepared. Find the remote, charge your tablet, and grab your pillows. Make the most of the rest you will be getting during the next few days.


Need Removal of Wisdom Teeth in Pembroke Pines?

Make sure to follow the instructions mentioned above, as they can make a tremendous difference during and after your procedure. Call us now at Oral Facial Reconstruction for an appointment!