Wisdom Teeth Removal: When Is It Required?

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Let's say you're very certain that one of your wisdom teeth must be removed because it's causing you pain, or you think it may be impacted. Consult with a knowledgeable general dentist or oral surgeon as your next course of action. They may need to remove your wisdom teeth in Corals Springs.For some people, simultaneous removal of two or all four wisdom teeth is the best course of action. Why is that? Please read on.

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Is It a Good Idea to Take All Wisdom Teeth at Once?

It’s Up to You

Oral surgeons have good reason to advise the removal of all four wisdom teeth. But why are they being taken out simultaneously? The expense of spacing out the tooth extractions will be initially higher because you will have to pay for additional procedures. Moreover, if you undergo many surgeries, your recuperation period will last longer, and you'll miss more time at work or school.Not to be overlooked is your overall wisdom teeth extraction experience. Do you feel at ease with the idea of doing it again? The answer, if we had to guess, would be "no." So, it’s actually up to you if you want to extract all your wisdom teeth at once or visit the dentist to extract a tooth every time it starts to ache.

Is the Extraction of a Healthy Wisdom Tooth Necessary?

Sometimes removing a wisdom tooth is not essential. You may therefore tell your dental surgeon that you only want the problematic molar removed.Third molars are known to cause a range of dental issues. In certain cases, the uneven growth causes crowding or tooth damage in the teeth around it.

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Ready to Get your Wisdom Teeth in Coral Springs Extracted?

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