Wisdom Teeth Superstitions You Haven't Heard of Before

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There are tons of beliefs and superstitions associated with your teeth and oral health, from your wisdom teeth in Pembroke Pines to the small gaps between your front teeth.While some might seem believable, there are plenty that might make you scratch your head in disbelief. Here are a few examples of some strange superstitions.

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What Are Uncommon Myths That Are Still Believed by Some?

Using a Pin to Pick Your Teeth Is Unlucky

Although no studies can justify or debunk this myth, dental professionals are sure of one thing - it is terrible for your gums. Picking your teeth with a pin is unhygienic and can jeopardize your long-term prognosis for being healthy, which implies having healthy teeth.

The Gap Between the Front Teeth Has a Meaning

Some believe that the spacing between your teeth shows the length of time you’ll live in your childhood home. There are also beliefs that it has an impact on your wealth.Some travelers also believe that a wide gap in your front teeth means that you will have extensive travel in the future. The inverse of this belief states that if your teeth are crowded or overlapping, you will live close to your mother or place of birth.

Less Pain During a Tooth Extraction Performed Under a Declining Moon

One belief is that when a tooth is extracted during the declining moon, the procedure is less painful and leads to quicker recovery. Therefore, it is entirely up to you whether you feel the need to check the calendar before setting your appointment or are content to endure any discomfort until then. But, of course, this doesn't have any scientific basis.

Counting Your Teeth Invites Bad Luck

According to some people, counting your teeth leads to some unfortunate luck. However, dentists count teeth all the time, and needless to say, we’re pretty sure we can debunk this one ourselves.

You’ll Have a Long Life When Wisdom Teeth Erupts Late

According to another superstition involving wisdom teeth, if it erupts later in life, you'll live a long time! Same as the rest, this superstition remains a superstition because there is no connection to a person's life when associated with wisdom teeth.

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Inquiry About Wisdom Teeth in Pembroke Pines

Wisdom teeth can cause discomfort and agony if you leave them alone when they need to come out. Luckily, what isn’t a superstition is our qualified and experienced dental experts can do it with little pain, thanks to the variety of painless anesthetic solutions we offer. Call us!