Can Bad Posture Worsen TMD?

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After years of struggling with braces, your teeth are perfectly aligned. You no longer grind your teeth or clench your jaw at night. No more biting your nails, chewing on pen caps, or having any other poor dental habits. You have never had a jaw injury before, but you still question why you have problems with your TMJ in Aventura.So why do you still experience neck pain, headaches, or aching jaw every morning? Consider your posture, which is a lesser-known but very substantial cause of TMJ problems.

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Bad Posture and TMJ Disorder

How Does Poor Posture Contribute to TMJ Disorder?

When all of the muscles, bones, and joints are properly aligned, the body performs at its best. You're retraining your body to hold itself in a less-than-ideal position if you slouch in your chair or spend your days bent over a computer. Because your misaligned spine causes your lower jaw to push forward, it can lead to a bad bite. This development is one of the major reasons why you have a TMJ problem. In a gist, poor posture may not be alarming, but it has a domino effect.

Treatments to Address TMD Caused by Bad Posture

To treat TMJ dysfunction caused by poor posture, you need to stand and sit straight so that the rest of your body, including your jaw, can align properly. Maintain proper standing posture by keeping your shoulders back and chest front, stretching your spine, and not jutting your head forward.To sit properly, keep your upper body in the same position as you would in a normal standing position, with your buttocks touching the back of your chair and your weight equally distributed on your hips. When sitting, your knees should be at or above hip level. If they aren't, you should elevate them using a footstool. Foot disorders, such as hyperpronation or flat arches, as well as wearing high heels or other non-supportive footwear, are common causes of poor posture. Custom arch supports or insoles can help you stand straighter, as can choosing more comfortable and supportive footwear.

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Other Solutions to Address TMJ Disorder in Aventura

Yoga, Pilates, professional massage, and physical therapy have all proven to be effective in freeing muscle tension and rehabilitating the spine to stay in alignment. Get a hold of our dental professionals to make an appointment, so we can figure this out together.