Can You Get Cancer on Your Lips?

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Oral pathology in Plantation FL is a dental specialty that focuses on the causes and effects of various diseases affecting your mouth and maxillofacial areas – one of which is oral cancer. Oral cancer is a potentially deadly disease that can affect anyone. Early detection and diagnosis are the keys to a successful treatment. Additionally, learning the factors that increase the risk of oral cancer can help you avoid this dental problem.

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Can Exposure to UV Light Lead to Oral Cancer?

What is UV Radiation?

Before answering the question of whether UV light can lead to oral cancer, you must first know the basics. UV radiation is an electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by the sun and other man-made technologies like welding torches and tanning beds.There are several types of radiation. To name a few, radio waves, gamma rays, and x-rays are among the most common types. UV rays are found in the center of the spectrum and it is known to emit more energy than visible light.

What is Lip Cancer?

We never really hear about getting cancer on the lips, but your skin on your lips is actually very sensitive. Lip cancer is more common among people who are constantly under the heat of the sun and among those who are frequently getting a tan in tanning beds. It is the type of oral cancer you’ll get when you are exposed to excessive UV light.

What are the Symptoms?

The signs and symptoms of lip cancer include the numbness, pain, or tingling of the lips. It may also occur on the skin surrounding the mouth. Another symptom is the constant sores on your lip that won’t heal. Likewise, you may also have lip cancer if you notice whitish discoloration of your lip.

Who is the best Oral surgeon plantation?

What are the Oral Pathology Treatments in Plantation FL?

Early diagnosis and screening play a crucial role in creating an effective treatment plan that causes little damage to healthy tissues. Your treatment plan will depend on the diagnosis, size, location, and stage of your lip cancer.A lot of people diagnosed with lip cancer at an early stage prefer to have any lumps or abnormal growth surgically removed. Other treatment options are the following: radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted drug therapy. To know more about oral pathology treatments, contact Oral Facial Reconstruction!