Common Oral Surgery Procedures

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Dentists recommend their patients to oral surgeons before determining whether or not they are candidates for dental surgery. To decide the best course of oral surgery in Aventura, FL, your oral surgeon will evaluate your medical records and dental health.  Oral surgeons may in some circumstances, and depending on the severity of your condition, suggest nonsurgical therapies. Although not all surgeries are related to oral health diseases, both adults and children are susceptible to oral health problems.

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Treatments You Should Know About

Dental Implants

Over the past 25 years, dental implants have altered how dentistry has progressed. An implant serves as a stand-in for a missing or decayed tooth. Oral surgeons use titanium alloy to anchor crowns to the jawbone. These metals are utilized because they are biocompatible, not rejected by the body, and lightweight. When teeth are lost to illness, decay, oral cancer, or other reasons including smoking or drinking, dental implants are opted to replace them.

Root Canal

Each year, millions of teeth receive treatment, saving many from extractions while reducing pain and sensitivity. Most of the time, root canals are both painless and highly effective painkillers. Dental pulp, a soft tissue that houses blood vessels and nerve endings, lies beneath the enamel of a tooth. Bacteria invade a tooth when it is decaying; therefore, harming the pulp. Dental pain, sporadic swelling, and probable pain in your neck or jaw are all brought on by the infected pulp. A surgeon can handle this by extracting the infected pulp and removing the decaying section of the tooth.

Reconstructive Treatments

Accidents do happen, and whether the teeth are damaged or removed from a fall, a sports injury, an event at work, or any other sort of facial trauma, it can be distressing. The best course of action is to consult an oral surgeon because they can provide solutions that will have you looking your best in no time!  

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Your dentist should be the first stop on your dental problem journey, whether you need minor cosmetic dental surgery or a serious dental procedure. By making your dental health a primary priority, you can diagnose and treat a wide range of underlying health problems.  Contact us at Oral Facial Reconstruction if you feel any discomfort in your mouth, tooth sensitivity, jaw or neck pain, or if you see any bleeding or discoloration while cleaning your teeth.