Dental Implant Failure

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Although it is improbable that your body will reject your dental implants in Aventura, it is always a good idea to be aware of the potential reasons for failure. Allergies and heredity are the most frequent reasons why dental implants fail or are rejected by your body. However, there are times when it results from bad dental practices. Although it is unusual, below are the stages of dental implant rejection.

3d image of the structure of dental implants in Aventura

Stages of Dental Implant Failure

Early-Stage Rejection

When it comes to foreign objects in the mouths, some people have susceptible teeth and gums. Similarly, unrecognized sensitivities may cause dental implant rejection before it can heal completely. For instance, many patients are allergic to metal. As titanium metal is a crucial component of dental implants, having them is not recommended in this case.    

Late-Stage Rejection  

Although it resembles early implant rejection, this rejection occurs after the bone has entirely healed. It frequently results from carelessness, such as poor hygiene or neglect of the home. Furthermore, delayed dental implants could result from a traumatic bite brought on by post-operative damage or misaligned teeth.    

Dental Hygiene Issues  

Implants are not natural teeth. Dental hygiene needs to be practiced, even though they are not vulnerable to decay. In addition to brushing, flossing is essential to prevent dental implants from being rejected.   Even if artificial teeth are resistant to decay, your bones and gums are still susceptible to infections and disorders associated with the mouth. Similarly, if the infection spreads to your gums or bone, it will negatively impact the durability of your dental implants.

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