Dental Implants in Aventura | 2 Things to Know Before Getting Implants

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If you have been a frequent reader to this space in the past, there’s a good chance that you know a lot about the dental implant procedure. However, do you know if you are even a candidate for an implant? Not everyone is ideal for dental implants so it’s important to know if you are before going through with the procedure. Let’s take a look at some other things that are important to know before getting dental implants in Aventura.

The Amount of Bone You Have Will Determine the Type of Implant

When you lose a tooth your jawbone starts to grow weak and over time will begin to deteriorate. The length of time that you have gone with a missing tooth, or teeth, before getting an implant will play a huge factor in determining if you are a candidate and what kind of implant you can get. If you have a weakened or deteriorating bone, your dentist or oral surgeon might recommend a procedure such as a bone graft to help strengthen the bone.

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Smoking Can Cause Complications

People who smoke, especially those that smoke heavily, run a higher risk of having their implant fail. The mouth of a smoker takes significantly longer to heal, and in some extreme cases never fully heals. If you are someone who smokes, you will likely be told that you have to quit before the implants are put in and then during the healing process as well.

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