Dental Implants in Aventura | Benefits of Digital X-Rays

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With more and more technological advances being introduced into the dental field, it’s no wonder that digital x-rays are becoming more and more popular. Gone are the days of bulky machines and having to squint at the film. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of digital x-rays as it pertains to dental implants in Aventura.

X-Ray Image Enhancement

One of the biggest issues, when it comes to conventional x-rays, is trying to zoom in or get close up looks are hard to see areas. Digital x-ray systems let you control the exposure of each image in real time, so you can make images darker or lighter on demand. You can also enlarge images, make enhancements to color and superimpose textures. This allows your dentist to improve their ability to find potential issues that might not have been noticeable in the past.

Happier Patients

A big concern these days is exposure to radiation. Digital radiography typically reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more. That means your patients will notice a higher level of care when you use digital x-ray equipment and will be happier in the long run.

What are the benefits of dental implants in Aventura?

Saves Time

Digital x-ray images are instantly stored and ready to view on your computer. No more thumbing through files to retrieve an image. This will save you significantly more time. It will also allow for less clutter in the office. All those files that house old x-rays can now be consolidated onto the computer.

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