Dental Implants in Aventura | What Are the Parts of a Dental Implant?

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As we age, our teeth endure a lot of wear and tear. And, it’s not super uncommon to have a missing tooth or two. But, it is smart to replace missing teeth to keep your mouth functioning properly. So, dental implants in Aventura may be the perfect option for you. Learn more about this permanent and natural-looking medical device:

Implant Post

The implant post is the base of the entire implant. Typically, made from titanium, this post fuses to the jawbone. So, this allows for the permanency of the dental implant. The gum tissue around the post with suction to it, as it cannot naturally attach like it would with an actual tooth.

Implant Abutment

The abutment is a small piece that attaches between the post and the crown. This piece ensures the stability of the implant crown and helps to keep the look more natural.

what are dental implants in aventura made out of

Implant Crowns

The crown is the top part of the implant. So, this is the part of the implant that you see. But, your crown will be matched to your natural smile shade prior to being placed. This is also a permanent solution. This’ll all make it next to impossible for anyone to notice that you have a dental implant.

Are You in Need of Dental Implants in Aventura?

Dental implants are a great option for replacing missing teeth. The routine procedure provides a natural-looking smile solution. So, contact us today to learn more about how our advanced dental services can benefit you!