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Bone marrow aspirate concentrate, or BMAC, consists of collecting bone marrow from your body and then concentrating it to create the optimal level of stem cells and other crucial growth factors. BMAC contains stem cells that can help the healing of some bone and joint conditions. Here is a bone marrow aspirate concentrate primer as well as how it related to dental implants in Miami Beach.

What Conditions Can BMAC Help?

Stem cells can be used to help with bone healing, cartilage repair, and new blood vessel growth. Stem cells can help treat bone fractures, cartilage defects, osteonecrosis, chronic tendon problems or chronic wounds.

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How Does BMAC Work?

A needle is used to remove bone marrow from within the bone and is typically done under sedation or general anesthesia. Marrow is commonly taken from the pelvis but may be taken from other sites. The bone marrow procedure is usually performed on the same side as the surgical procedure that the marrow is being used for. The sample of bone marrow is removed and then spun down in a centrifuge to separate the cells. A liquid is produced that has a high concentration of stem cells. The surgeon injects the stems cells directly into the surgical site.

Are You Looking for Dental Implants in Miami Beach?

At Oral Facial we offer bone marrow aspirate concentrate. BMAC can be used in the recovery from dental implants being inserted. Contact us today to learn more about how bone marrow aspirate concentrate can help you experience an improved recovery.