3 Lifestyle Factors That Can Cause or Worsen TMJ Discomfort

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Temporomandibular joint disorders can significantly damage a person's quality of life and cause pain. Patients may need to stop engaging in certain behaviors that may cause this illness. If you are interested in checking TMJ in Coral Springs, let’s take a look at these behaviors that may be nurturing the disorder.

woman with jaw pain needing treatment for TMJ in coral springs

What Are the Lifestyle Factors that Cause or Worsen TMJ Discomfort?

  1. Stress and Anxiety

One of the main causes of TMJ discomfort is increased stress, which frequently results in jaw clenching or teeth grinding. Think about getting more sleep, practicing diaphragmatic breathing for 5 to 10 minutes many times a day, working out, taking a yoga class, or just taking a brief break to stroll around the office and write down your stress-inducing situations.

  1. Incorrect Posture

The neck and jaw are closely related. Slouching when working at a desk or using a mobile device can put undue strain on the neck's musculature and cervical spine. This can change how the mandible sits. The masticatory muscles that help open and close the mouth may have a different length-tension relationship as a result of poor posture.  Placing a beach towel or handkerchief in the small of your back while you drive or sit at a desk is one approach to improve posture.

  1. Misuse of Your Teeth

TMJ issues are more likely when teeth are used for purposes other than eating food. The jaw joints are put under unnatural pressure and movements when teeth are used in place of equipment made for tasks like tearing tape, opening bottles, and splitting nutshells.  In addition to harming the teeth, these behaviors strain the jaw's supporting muscles and ligaments, misalign the upper and lower jaw, and create persistent pain and inflammation. The likelihood of having jaw issues is considerably decreased by abstaining from these habits.

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Looking to Check TMJ in Coral Springs?

If you incur in any of the practices mentioned above, it’s imperative to check with your specialist to start correcting them, as it can cause bigger problems in the future. Call us at Oral Facial Reconstruction for an appointment now!